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I am proud to call Cindy Trow my health coach.  She has been absolutely integral in my journey to better health, and I cannot imagine having gotten to where I am today with my health without her.  have lost more than 40 pounds, and I am in better overall health now than I have been in my entire adult life.  Through Cindy, I have learned that, rather than looking to the scale to tell me whether I’ve had a good week or not, there are victories everywhere to focus on.  Anytime that I feel discouraged about my progress, Cindy reminds me that I should strive for “progress, not perfection” (which has now become my mantra in many areas of my life), and helps to walk me through the difficulty with grace and humor.  During my times of difficulty, Cindy is always there to help.  She is always thinking of ways to help, even calling or texting me out of the blue with some ideas to help me along my health journey or to assist with my mindset. You will not find a more helpful, friendly, positive and dedicated person.

Words of Gratitude from Wilma B


Cindy has helped me so much! Her style of coaching gives me the opportunity to find my path to better habits that work for me. She is there to cheer me on and there for me to ask thought provocing questions that help me find solutions and perspectives that serve my health journey. Her health program is simple to follow and it fits into my busy lifestyle!  I no longer have cravings and am down over 60 pounds! Since April 2017, I have said no to fast food restaurants and carbonated drinks. The great news is that I no longer desire to make these choices anymore. The power of balancing my blood sugars has given me the power to make best choices and create better health. Also, I love that my bloodwork has also improved with my blood sugar down from 125 to 99 and my blood pressure improves every day. Most importantly I have given the tools and support to create healthy habits, body, mind and spirit that have opened the doors to me living a much healthier lifestyle. The supportive community has given me the partnerships to inspire, teach and empower me to grow through the challenges that creating change bring.

I am still on my journey and always will be but for the first time I feel confident that I will reach my goals and create the lifestyle that is mine to keep.

Thank you, Cindy!


Tricia C

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