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At Wellness Now with Cindy Trow, Cindy sincerely cares about your well-being. Her mission is to empower individuals to live their best life by creating victories both on and off the scale. Cindy will inspire, equip and support you with a habits of health approach to lifelong health so that healthy is simply who you are! You will never have to do it alone, for you will be part of a supportive community of like-minded people that will inspire and empower you to feel healthier and create the healthiest version of you!

 Wellness Now with Cindy Trow is ready to help you, so don’t delay your health another day, get in touch today!

Services Offered
Services Offered


Lean to create health from the inside out with simple to follow wellness plans designed just for you. Getting healthy will never feel so good!



I help people create victories on and off the scale so that they can live their best life without restrictions. With a habits of health approach and a simple to follow plan, you will be empowered to live a life with a filled with choices and a new way of being!

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Create health for yourself and others. As a health coach you guide and support others through a comprehensive lifestyle program. The rewards of helping others is priceless!

 Cindy Trow

Health & Wellness Coach


Creating victories on & off the scale so that people can live their best life!

Works at Independent Certified Coach with Optavia

Living a life dedicated to living a healthy life, mind, body and spirit, there is no greater joy than "spreading the health" to help others live a life of well-being. After a 35-year career in Special Education, I am truly blessed to take my passion for health into the world by coaching others and sharing the blessing of health coaching with like-minded individuals.

My story of living a healthy lifestyle was disrupted at the age of 50. An unexpected diabetes diagnosis was the impetus to a much bigger desire to make my health my top priority. What I learned on my journey was that it was not only what I ate that was important to return to my path of Optimal health, but it was how I moved, slept and managed my stress. Finding success fueled my passion to help others find their path in creating Optimal Health regardless of their struggle as the challenges and the solutions are very much the same.

My certification and ongoing training and education enable me to be an expert in creating providing scientifically proven health & wellness programs that meet the individual needs of my clients. The guidance, support and education I provide for my clients enable them to take responsibility for their health and build the confidence to be the stewards of their health and well-being for a lifetime!

It would be my greatest joy to serve you and your health goals!

In health & happiness,


Coach Cindy Trow
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